Workshops at Tsinghua University

In 2011, a mutual partnership was established between these organizations, resulting in the first of a series of annual workshops at Tsinghua University, and ultimately encompassing a larger initiative promoting engineering education in China and abroad.

Over the past six years, IFEES and its partners, particularly SEFI, have worked with the CTCEE to promote strategic collaborations and cooperation in a series of workshops and courses in Beijing. The partnership has also expanded into research collaborations and consultancy for organizing conferences, sharing best practices, capacity building programs and a variety of other activities.

The CTCEE itself was established by the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Tsinghua University and serves as a prominent national consulting organization in engineering and technological sciences in China.

On July 14 and 15, 2017, IFEES, SEFI and IIDEA will hold their seventh series of capacity building workshops in collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE)-Tsinghua Center for Engineering Education (CTCEE). A conference on July 16 will close out the annual workshops.

The 2017 workshops will be facilitated by IFEES President Michael Auer; IFEES Vice President of Capacity Building, Khairyah Mohd-Yusof (SEEM); Danilo Zutin (IAOE); Susan Zvacek (University of Denver) and Greet Langie (KU Leuven).

More details about the 2017 workshop and conference will be published as they become more available. Check for updates on our event page, here.