WEEF 2010 Singapore

First World Engineering Education Forum


Location: Singapore, Singapore
Dates: 17 – 21 October 2010
Theme: Effective Collaborations Addressing Common and Global Challenges

Hosts: National University of Singapore (NUS) and Institution of Engineers Singapore
Website: http://weef2010.wordpress.com/

Conceptualized by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) and the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES), the WEEF was a rare opportunity to meet and have discussion with stakeholders from all stages of the engineering education pipeline.

The week of the “WEEF” brought together five different conferences:

  • GEDC Conference is generally for engineering deans, rectors, and principals [heads of engineering schools/faculties]
  • IFEES Summit is for those representing engineering education societies (The Institute of Engineers, Singapore, for example), but we invite those interested in joining IFEES in attending our sessions.
  • GSF is for students [engineering and others]
  • WCCEE (Continuing Education) and
  • ASEE Global Colloquium.

All conferences had common sessions throughout the week, and separate business meetings for their constituents/members.


A global gathering of engineering education stakeholders to improve the field through enhanced dialogue on the major challenges and through increasing the effectiveness of global partnerships, harnessing the expertise and commitment of the international community and of the local and regional players.


As communication and mobility barriers disappear and individual behavioral patterns transform, engineering educators and researchers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of international dialogue. Global collaboration serves as a means to discuss common challenges and new approaches to deal with them, and to share examples of good practices with the global engineering education community. Singapore’s role as global leader in economical and technological innovation makes it a strategic location for these international meetings. Connecting local and international stakeholders will not only add value to the global dialogue on how to positively contribute to the solution of the world’s engineering grand challenges, but also to serve the strategic objectives of the region’s engineering communities and institutions.

From research and innovation, engineering education, to continuing education, WEEF will bring together engineering faculty, deans and students as well as industry representatives, government officials and other interested parties in science and technology from all over the globe to discuss Engineering Grand Challenges of the 21st Century and nurture and enhance partnerships.


The World Engineering Education Forum (WEEF) provides a cutting edge and effective platform for communication and collaboration among the world’s stakeholders in engineering education, locating itself strategically in a key strategic locale. The Forum will unite five engineering education international conferences/forums:


The objective of the week of the WEEF:

  • Assess the global status of engineering education through an overview of the major challenges in the field;
  • Forge and advance collaborations that address local, regional and global engineering challenges;
  • Envision the future of engineering education, innovation and continuing education worldwide in 10-20 years, in order to support and improve current efforts in the field.


The event serves as a gathering of those individuals and organizations from throughout the world that have an interest in engineering education and a desire to advance the global dialogue in the field, to forge long-term collaborations, and to enhance the quality of engineering education, research and continuing education.