Vinculación del laboratorio de investigación en Bioprocesos con la enseñanza de grado, posgrado y el medio productivo.

Several industries such as alimentary, chemical or pharmaceutical tend to adopt and implement a wide array of biotechnological processes to obtain their products, being these technologies more profitable and environmentally sustainable than traditional ones. Thus, the necessity to create a bond between academic research and development activities in the Delta Regional Faculty (FRD) with companies in the region appears. This leads to the creation of the Bioprocesses Research Laboratory (LIB) where researchers and Ph.D. students perform research tasks. The laboratory emerged from the relationship between the FRD and researchers trained in the Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology Chair of the Pharmacy and Biochemistry Faculty, Buenos Aires University (UBA). Also, the Biotechnology Processes Master degree was created in the FRD to provide human resources to meet the industrial demand, being all courses taught by  biotechnology Ph.D.

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