Using student internship programs as a vehicle to international campus culture transfusion

In 2010, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) established a collaboration with the government of Singapore to undertake development of the Singapore University of Technology
and Design (SUTD). One of the primary goals of the MIT team is to transfuse MIT’s student culture, attitude of innovation, and approach to leadership to the newly-established SUTD student community. To accomplish this goal, the MIT team has launched an international summer exchange internship program to Singapore, aiming to use it as a vehicle to enable MIT and SUTD students to actively interact. In the summer of 2012, participating MIT students
traveling to Singapore spend their workdays participating in professional internships while living with SUTD students. These visiting MIT students spend two evenings per week collaborating with the incoming class of SUTD students, assisting and mentoring them in formation of their student clubs and organizations. This unique approach to diffusion of campus culture can serve as a model for future campus culture transfusion between institutions.

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