Using E- and M-learning in a Community-Based Project Module: Projects in the post-Apartheid South African communities

Community-based learning is a relatively new field in South Africa. It has only been extensively included in academic programmes at universities for more than a decade. It is a form of experiential learning with the aim of accomplishing tasks which meet real human needs in various local communities. The inclusion of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) through the integration of e- and m-learning in a community-based project module creates various possible applications. One possible application can be in its integration into the teaching and learning of such a module while it can also be integrated in projects in the communities. Higher education institutions, have the ability and expertise to develop the ICT knowledge of communities, and assist these communities to use the various ICT-related options to their own benefit and that of organisations or companies. In so doing, they can also create a virtual community of professional practice. The paper will discuss how m- and e-learning are integrated in a community-based project module at the University of Pretoria.

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