US NAE President Highlights Role of Globalization


Last month, the US National Academy of Engineering (NAE) celebrated the 50th anniversary of its founding.  NAE President C. Dan Mote gave remarks on this momentous occasion.  In his speech, President Mote emphasized the global nature of industry, and the resulting globalization of persectives in education.

“As industry is globalized entirely, and as universities are developing global perspectives, I believe that it is time for the National Academy of Engineering to accept that a global focus and global leadership in engineering are central to its mission. We have taken many steps in this direction already. One was to designate our foreign associates as foreign members this past year. Others include welcoming foreign member participation on the Draper Prize for Engineering committee, creating five bilateral Frontiers of Engineering programs and our tri-academy5 Global Grand Challenges program, and continuing discussions with foreign academies and governments on joint activities. So I propose that we formally conclude that the domain of interest of the National Academy of Engineering is global.”

Please find the transcript of President Mote’s full speech on the NAE website: