The first years of engineering careers in Argentina are characterized for the content primarily designed to teach physics and mathematics, in other words, the basic sciences which one can barely note the essence of engineering which causes students to desert the career during the first years. In order to reverse this situation, among other, in 1988 the curricular space was changed to
include the subject called “Introduction to Engineering” which was designed to provide the first contact of the students with Engineering. This subject suffered various modifications, primarily due to different institutional propositions and the critical spirit of the integrands of the professorship. Actually this subject is a 4 month course for all the engineering careers (civil, chemical, mechanical, electrical, electronics, biomedical, aeronautical, industrial, and computation), which teach about 1000 students each year. This space is characterized by a look holistic of the past, present and future of engineering. The past of engineering is approached as a beginning to compress the actual realization and as a vehicle to join engineering to society. With relation to the future of engineering, an attempt is made to visualize the possibility to anticipate possible scenes, to favor the use of one and avoid those that are not convenient using an analysis of possible actions. Also, one studies objects and objectives as well as mythologies of engineering. In this this exposition one demonstrates the different aspects of engineering en the present and the concept of students as well as instructors.

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