Una aproximación conceptual a la noción de Responsabilidad Social Universitaria

The purpose of this paper is to provide a Social Responsibility (RS) analysis and its meaning. Moreover, the origin of RS and the evolution of the concept, showing the impact it caused in the education at University level, particularly in connection with the University Social Responsibility (USR). On the other hand, we differ how the SR concept went through modifications once the ISO norms appeared; specifically after the ISO 26000 norm and the revised definition, in 2011, stated in the 2001 European Union·s Green Book of Comission. Our proposal is to redeen the work of Francois Vallaeys (2006), regarding the need to evaluate the positive impacts that the RSU demonstrates in the educational, organizational and social aspects. Finally, our work proposes to investigate the different meanings that the SR adopted, according to the regulations and agencies mentioned previously, and determine their possible links to the concept proposed by F. Vallaeys.

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