Un sistema laboratorio remoto móvil para la educación en el área de energías para el desarrollo sostenible

The intensive use of petroleum-based resources, the ever-increasing energy consumption and the need to achieve sustainable development, require promoting both knowledge and the gradual and increasing use of renewable energy. With this support, it is carried out at the National University of Rosario, a project that involves the development of a system of interconnected devices that allows monitoring at distance, of the efficiency of solar water heaters in its site. The system described in this article consists of two large blocks of hardware: a mobile station, located next to the water heater at the site where they work, and a fixed station, installed at the Laboratory of Energy for Sustainable Development of the above mentioned University, where remote monitoring is performed. With the implementation of this project it is also expected to have procedures and operating instructions for determining the efficiency of solar water heaters in situ, contributing to the implementation of standards for their certification and approval. On the other hand, we want to use this equipment for teaching in the area of renewable energy. So, we are developing the appropriate activities for different levels of education. Hence the project is organized along three lines: 1.Design and development of fixed and mobile hardware; 2.Development of firmware and software necessary to register and communicate data; and 3.Design and development of learning activities.

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