Transition into a Knowledge Based Economy in Qatar, the Role of Engineering and Engineering Education

In this paper we analyze the activities taking place in the state of Qatar in its efforts to transform into a knowledge based economy. We start with introducing different definitions of the term “Knowledge Based Economy (KBE)”, and the details about frameworks/indicators specifying the KBE subjects. A discussion on countries’ readiness to transform into a KBE is provided where experiences and examples in transition into a KBE from different countries are provided.
In considering the case of Qatar, further details on the current economic status is provided. Details on a benchmarking exercise to examine the country’s KBE status in 2012 is also detailed The vision of transition into a KBE in Qatar by 2030 is introduced based on the country’s announced plans, and elaboration on the country’s economic diversification and overall knowledge based economy readiness is provided. This is followed with a study on how the engineering and technology education curriculum have been (and would be) responding to contribute in producing KBE graduates that are fit to the status of Qatar future plans. It is shown that engineering education is a key enabler for the country plans of transformation to a KBE.

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