Tomorrow’s Engineers Show their Potential Today


Riga, Latvia- Between the 1st and 9th of August, Board of European Students of Technology (BEST) organised the final of the largest real-time based engineering competition of Europe, known as European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC). Students from top universities of Europe competed and faced real problems from industry or management.

With the motto: “Design the future. Today.” EBEC is a project that aims to bring tomorrow’s engineers together and not only develop their theoretical knowledge and skills, but also make them think about how to tackle real world problems. the EBEC project reaches more than 5000 students who challenge themselves in 2 categories: Team Design and Case Study.

This year, 30 most creative and innovative teams of 4 students who pass through one of, 87 local rounds and 15 national/regional rounds will have chance to prove themselves in EBEC Final. EBEC Final is the most grandiose part of the Engineering Competitions organised by BEST all over Europe, having the 6th edition this year.

EBEC Final 2014 was supported by several authorities such as Riga Technical University, UNESCO Latvian National Commission, The International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES).

BEST is a constantly growing non-profit, non-political, volunteering organisation that celebrated its 25th Anniversary this year. By maintaining and developing its core activities, it enhances mobility of over a million students, and provides them with opportunities for complementary education, educational involvement and career support.

Task Partners – FIMA, Deutsche Bahn, European Patent Office.
Promotional Partners – ŠKODA Auto, Yildiz Technical University, Lviv Polytechnic National University, Graz University of Technology, Technical University of Catalonia, University of Patras, University “Ss.
Cyril and Methodius”.
Other partners – MathWorks.
Honour Patronage of Latvian National Commission for UNESCO, Riga Technical University, International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES).
Supporters – Riga city Council, French Institute in Latvia, Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Riga, Embassy of Sweden, Investment and Development Agencyof Latvia (LIAA), IEEE Latvia, Balticovo, Fazer,
Latvia’s State Forests, RedBull, Sofrost, Food Union, Kalna SmÄ«des.
Media Partners – Young Pedro, Riga Radio

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Ira Vozna
EBEC 2014 PR Responsible
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