Tácticas de arquitectura de software en la evaluación de competencias profesionales como estrategia para mejorar la calidad de los ingenieros en el sector productivo

In the XXIth century engineering is emerging as a strong support of social development, therefore, engineerings challenges require a very well trained triad that links University – Industry – Government; towards this situation, the productive sectors highlights the need to improve professionals qualities-abilities that are links them up, since they have identified gaps in some generic skills every engineer should possess.
For this process we explored tactics software architecture, debugging and adapting them to human characteristics, formulating surveys where employers identified competencies consistent with the engineering work. Later correlated with the quality attributes of generic skills Tuning Latin America project, identifying the necessary tools required by these skills, making each stage adaptation of quality to quantitatively assess a specific attribute and bring it to reality with the purpose of necessary corrections to improve the quality of engineers in the region.

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