Sistemas de Aseguramiento de la Calidad según ISO 9000 en organizaciones universitarias para la enseñanza de la ingeniería. Análisis comparativo y conclusiones desde cuatro experiencias realizadas en diferentes entornos a lo largo de los últimos 15 años

“Quality assurance” of higher education has been a growing concern over the last decades. It is known that in almost all disciplines of Engineering education, quality management and ISO 9000 family of standards are taught and promoted as a very positive tool. Engineering Colleges as formative influence on engineers undoubtedly provide a service and they must be consistent putting into practice in their own “organization” the concepts they teach and promote. Creative application involves an adaptation and constant adjustment to different context conditions. The aim of this paper is to present four experiments carried out and implemented in different parts of the global village (Austria-Argentina) and at different times during the last fifteen years, showing both achievements and difficulties. The authors present a comparative analysis and some conclusions about each of the four experiences and them all as a whole.

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