Sistema Experto para la selección de Estrategias Instruccionales en el contexto de las Carreras de Ingeniería. Un enfoque basado en las Teorías del Diseño Educativo

Instruction may be seen as the intentional creation of conditions around learning so as to facilitate the accomplishment of predetermined goals. From a didactic point of view, instruction consists of a related group of learning activities, which are normally based upon well defined pedagogical strategies. The expert system described in this paper tries to capture the know how
of highly qualified instructional designers and so it is capable of recommending suitable pedagogical strategies which facilitate the overtaking of instructional goals in the context of the learning environment which may be dealt with. For that purpose, the system described here is based on a pattern of instruction which synthesizes theories, research results and experience in the instructional design area in order to converge towards the accomplishment of an instructional design which will be highly effective in the concretion of its premises.

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