Siemens U.S. Diversity and Inclusion Council ranked among nation’s best



The Siemens U.S. Diversity and Inclusion Council placed fourth at the sixth annual Employee Resource Group & Council Honors Award dinner and ceremony. The event, which honored the country’s top 25 employee resource groups (ERGs) and diversity councils, took place on Oct. 15.

Members of the Siemens U.S. Diversity and Inclusion Council accept their award.

Karinna Rojas, Employer Branding & Diversity Officer, said that the “win” was important for Siemens as the organization is in the midst of change.

“This [win] shows how we have been working together as a “One Siemens” organization to increase our value proposition,” Rojas explained. “This was the first time we applied as one organization and we have some benchmarking that we can share with others—and also learn from them. For the past two years, the U.S. Council has worked together to improve collaboration and generate synergies and opportunities for us to share best practices and business impact.”

The ERG & Council Honors Award is part of the annual ERG & Council Conference, which is presented by diversity and inclusion training and consulting firm PRISM International, Inc., and its practice group, the Association of ERGs & Councils. Linda Stokes, President and CEO of PRISM said, “ERGs and Diversity Councils are vital links for improving organizational results. They need opportunities to improve and grow by learning and sharing best practices, gaining important insights, knowledge and skills to increase their impact and effectiveness. They also need to be recognized and awarded for the contribution and results. This is the purpose behind the annual Conference and Honors Award.”

The ERG & Council Honors Award recognizes and awards the outstanding contributions and achievements of U.S. ERGs and Diversity Councils that lead organizational diversity processes and demonstrate results in their workforce, workplace and marketplace.

“This year’s award recipients included 16 first-time and nine returning applicant groups,” said Philip Berry, Executive Director of the Association. “Four of this year’s 25 recipients have been on the Top 25 list since the award’s origin in 2009.”

Award recipients included a diverse combination of corporations and federal government representing many sectors, geographies and sizes.

Siemens previously participated in the awards but as former sectors.

“Last year, our diversity and inclusion councils for Energy and Health Care were ranked 12 and 7, respectively,” Rojas said. “We identified an opportunity to present ourselves differently in the marketplace. At the ERG & Council Conference, we decided to tell the Siemens story through our D&I actions and programs across Divisions, showing our commitment to creating a great workplace for our employees, as well as partnering with our customers and business partners, and supporting the communities where we work and live.”