Repensar la ingeniería frente a la diversidad de paradigmas tecnológicos. La implementación de un curso de integración para las carreras de ingeniero agrónomo y forestal en la Universidad de Nacional de La Plata

The faculty of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences of La Plata National University is one of the few faculties of Argentina in which both, forestry and agricultural engineering careers are within the same academic unit. Due to its geographic localization, since its creation the faculty has chosen to train professionals in a general or universalistic approach, whose graduates should be able to develop their professional path within the country’s diverse regions. This characteristic presents important academic challenges faced by these careers in Argentina: train professionals prepared to work in a diverse and fragmented professional world, given the different and
coexisting development paradigms which require different technological paradigms. Graduates must be prepared to work within different technological contexts. This communication presents the progress in the implementation of a Curriculum Integration Workshop that is carried out during the last academic year of both careers, with the objective of training professionals for
their performance in different contexts.

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