Relaciones entre dominancia cerebral, establecimiento educacional de origen y rendimiento académico en matemáticas, en estudiantes de primer año de Ingeniería Civil Industrial de la Universidad de Valparaíso, Chile

Since major failures of engineering students have relation with the so-called basic sciences, especially mathematics, was performed, within the quantitative paradigm, a multiple correlational study, an no experimental design does not cross, for determining whether relationships exist between the dominances brain of students that entered to first year of the Industrial Engineering, University of Valparaíso – Chile, in 2011, with the observed performance in Calculus I and Algebra, and home schools of Secondary Education coming. The idea is to generate scientific evidence to improve the retention, permanence and academic achievement of students, linking the cognitive profiles of entrants to teaching strategies – learning which are relevant to the formative stages of the curriculum, generating information to teachers to improve educational dynamics.

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