GlobalEngineer: IFEES & GEDC Quarterly Bulletin

In April of 2016, IFEES and the GEDC released the first GlobalEngineer: IFEES & GEDC Bulletin.
GlobalEngineer contains contributions from members of the IFEES and GEDC global community and includes member updates, award and event details and articles relevant to engineering pedagogy.
Members are encouraged to submit their contributions to Hans-Jürgen Hoyer and Kayla Hellal at the IFEES & GEDC Secretariat.
The bulletin is released quarterly (January, April, July and October).

GlobalEngineer: IFEES & GEDC Bulletin

Volume 1 Issue 3 – October 2016
Volume 1 Issue 2 – July 2016

Volume 1 Issue 1 – April 2016

IFEES Bulletin