Posgrado de Especialización Ingenieril en Ensayos No Destructivos

At Argentina, during the degree studies in sciences and technology, especially in Engineering, the area on Non Destructive Techniques (NDT) is not deeply covered, no more than a four month period. Due to the increasing demand of best quality and safety standards, the need of developing professionals who go deeper in their knowledge and applications of NDT methods was considered. In this work, the process followed by National Atomic Energy Commission and National San Martin University, to create a post graduate course, unique in Latin-America, is showed. This course has the objective to go deeper in the comprehension and applications of NDT, increasing the professional capacities by means of an annual intensive training. During February 2012, the postgraduate course was Accredited and Evaluated with the maximum A Category by the Argentine National Commission on University Accreditation and Evaluation (CONEAU).

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