Planning for 10th Global Student Forum is Underway


Planning for the student engineering education organization SPEED’s 10th annual Global Student Forum (GSF) is well underway. This year’s GSF, as in previous years, will coincide with the IFEES Summit during the WEEF 2014 Dubai, the weekend prior to the WEEF program. In addition to GSF programming, GSF registrants will be able to attend all WEEF events. The theme of this year’s GSF is Engineering Education Without Borders. From their website, “The world needs a new generation of engineers. We need professionals who are capable of innovating at a global scale, who have an open mind, who are resourceful, and who are able to work in interdisciplinary groups. We basically need engineers who are capable of jumping across borders, going around them, or even better: taking them down.”

The GSF is a prime opportunity for students to be introduced to the international engineering education community. In this week long event, students gain international experience, and are submerged in an atmosphere of cross-cultural communication and creative thinking. Participants will take part in workshops aimed at providing them with tools to find innovative solutions with a global perspective and apply them in their local communities. They will get a chance to learn about already existing student projects, get involved and/or start their own regional and global initiatives with the aim of maximizing the student voice within the engineering education community. (

For more information on the 2014 GSF, please visit the official website:

See pamphlet here: 10th GSF Dubai