Planeamiento, Urbanismo y Diseño desde una visión alternativa, social, ambiental y sostenible, en la formación del Ingeniero Civil

The subject Architectural Design, Planning and Urban II the fifth year of Civil Engineering, Universidad Tecnológica Nacional – Buenos Aires, Argentina, introduces students to the issues urban architectural, planning and environment from the theory but also through the practice of thematic unique, different each year, which takes place in three consecutive stages. This paper shows, synthetically, some practical ‘Open village’, theme framework, made by students of ADP and U II in 2011 as ‘Open neighborhood unit according a special sports community’. In 2010 the theme was ‘Village of a particular community open to the global community’ and in 2012 working on ‘Village for all’, that free of discriminatory barriers. In the training of civil engineers incorporate flexibility and dynamism criteria that enable future professionals to respond to particular forms of social production and distribution of urban space.

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