“Perspectivas Ético-Políticas sobre la calidad educativa en el Nivel Superior” Los Proyectos Institucionales y su relación con los perfiles Profesionales

The current work has the intention to be a contribution to the management of educational quality, giving the educational praxis, it means, to the action considered in Higher Education. From our point of view, to talk about educational quality refers to a consensus, a collective construction. For that reason is proposed a revision and update of the Institutional Educational Projects in relation with the students and future graduates. This work offers a way to comprehend the educational quality in the Higher Level through its ethical and political dimensions. Finally, the work finishes with the explanation of an experience done in the National Technological University – Santa Fe Regional Faculty (UTN-FRSF), in the career of Industrial Engineering, that took into account these options both as in the design as in it development.

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