Peace Engineering and the Student Global Design Challenges: “Launching Ideas from the Laboratory to Commercialization”

Peace Engineering is a trans-disciplinary program emphasizing innovation and creativity, while stressing the importance of applying science and engineering to solve practical problems that advance social justice and sustainable social, economic, and environmental solutions. To meet the challenges of Peace Engineering, curricula must be enhanced and strengthened. Addressing this need, ISTEC, SPEED, IFEES, UNM and industry developed the Innovation-Plaza, a program that integrates enhanced curricula and educational outreach with an open, globally connected, interdisciplinary lab for experiential learning and collaboration. In addition, we launched the 1st Global Student Design Challenge (GSDC), which presents undergraduate engineering students with challenges that foster entrepreneurship and transnational collaboration while encompassing the values espoused by Peace Engineering. Students take an idea, which must be sustainable and exhibit social, cultural, and environmental responsibility, full circle from the laboratory to commercialization. These efforts embrace Peace Engineering and foster a new generation of conscientious, effective global leaders.

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