Número de ID: 185 La evaluación por competencias y el desempeño en ingeniería

Higher Education in Mexico has undergone a series of chord changes in a timely manner posed to multilateral agencies such as UNESCO, IDB, and the OECD, coupled with this, Mechatronics Engineering emphasizes the growing demand for professionals international jurisdiction with excellent abilities, skills and job skills. That is why the UANL offer this educational program designed under the educational model where one of the guiding principles is the competency-based education with the need of assessing the professional performance of these students and labor which work under this teaching-learning process, so as to achieve reengineering processes in the formation of students during their travel, responding to the demands of social and economic development of the country. This research presents a cause-effect model in which independent variables are treated as generic skills classified as: instrumental, social interaction and inclusive, and the dependent variable workforce readiness. He prepared an analysis of international models based on competencies, defining the variables, objectives and hypotheses of the research. Variables were operationalized to design and determine the reliability of the measuring instrument. To test the hypothesis were selected students and teachers of the educational program to conduct the field study. Finally, we present the results of the analysis of direct influence between generic skills: instrumental, social interaction and integrative and workforce readiness.

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