Modelo para el diseño curricular por competencias y su evaluación en carreras de ingeniería.

The experience of the application of a model of curriculum based on competences is presented, in three careers of engineering, since the curriculum design to the process of continuous evaluation, showing the steps of the design. Some organizational structures and a process of training, from managers to teachers, were established to ensure uniformity in the application. The model’s evaluation system is performed with surveys to students, the follow-up of outcomes of qualifications, by comparing them with traditional courses and comparison of results of surveys of the University, considered an external evaluator. The results of this application permit to do a positive appraisal of the experience. It has been possible to detect areas of opportunity and to take measures to eradicate them. It is shown that the indicators of the qualifications obtained are not lower that the traditional courses and that the acceptance of the students is superior.

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