Medición de los perfiles epistemológicos: masa, peso y gravedad en alumnos de primer año de Ingeniería

The scanty previous preparation of the students to approach an Engineering career is a situation observed and analyzed from the university area, and has been associated with the low academic performance and dropout.
Given this problematic it is not possible to continue instructing students of the university basic cycle with the typical strategies of the university environment such of theoretical magisterial classes the theoretical.
The elaboration and obtainment of the profile epistemological of students is constituted in an instrument for the planning of the education of the sciences, allows to demonstrate the obstacles epistemological which students must overcome during the instruction, and turn into an instrument to design the structures of a didactic model. In this work, the evolution of the profile epistemological of the students is investigated before and after the instruction by means of a didactic model, in a basic cycle of classic mechanics.

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