Material bibliográfico curricular multimedia interactivo

The achievement of meaningful learning in students requires a variety of resources adapted to the different educational needs. For this reason, in addition to use conventional materials and ICT, the teacher meets the need to develop their own curriculum materials, thus raising the interest and motivation of students.
This proposal is an attempt to answer the need for orderly usable materials from curricular adaptations and is based on the constructivist theory of human learning.
The material generated, “Optics Web Resources” (ISBN: 978-987-33-0780-5), has no commercial value and is intended to complement both the theoretical and practical classes and
also to induce learning autonomous learners. through animated graphics, interactive activities and simulations of experiences, promotes active student participation.
It is stored on DVD (off-line use) and also resides on the website (use on-line) of Physics

Department of the UNSJ:

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