Los trabajos prácticos como materiales didácticos para aplicaciones tecnológicas en Carreras de Ingeniería

Laboratory practices are prominent when teaching in engineering careers; they are developed throughout the curriculum. In careers related with sciences and technology, laboratory practices constitute a field of research and development whose implications for teaching and learning in engineering courses is relevant. It is one of the teaching strategies to be used by teachers as a tool for integration of disciplinary and multidisciplinary knowledge and thus an unavoidable tool for teaching and learning. Thus, learning guides implemented as Laboratory Practices must fit the actual design and development in engineer’s formation. This paper presents the possibilities of implementing educational activity using PLC technology for Laboratory Practices. Thus, technological aspects are incorporated, to the didactical guides used for development of laboratory classes integrating PLC and electronic detectors for control purpose. Finally, devices for measurement of physical magnitudes and simulators are integrated in related activities compatible with the future student labor.

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