Los Laboratorios de Monitoreo de Inserción de Graduados, una herramienta para medir las principales problemáticas de formación e inserción de ingenieros

Universities immersed in processes of evaluation and accreditation have identified the requirements for reliable and systematic data on critical variables such as span of career, causes of desertion, working experiences during the course of studies, difficulties of access and insertion of young people in the labor market. Although there are agreements, the initiatives taken from the institutions of higher education have been very heterogeneous and carriage serious difficulties for the elaboration of comparative studies.
The creation of laboratories follow-up insertion of graduates that work with the same measurement techniques in different schools of engineering, allows us to answer fundamental questions for any university. Since the recovery of experiences, obstacles and decisions carried out by graduates, each laboratory can build statistics that are used as scientific evidence for the changes and adjustments to their curricula, and the development of polices focusing on retention and admission of students.

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