Los graduados de la UTN-FRA. Una mirada retrospectiva de los recorridos académicos y laborales

The main objective of this paper is to present a comparative analysis of engineering graduates of the six specialties, cohorts 2006 and 2007, dictated by the Regional School Avellaneda- National Technological University, about the socio-economic background and the academic and labor trajectories. The training trajectories of the graduates are affected by several issues: work, family, academic and conjectural causing. These factors incite an extension of the career compared with the theoretical duration. It is analyzed the duration of the career and the interruptions periods of the curricular regime. The labor trajectories are described based on the connections between educational trajectories, stabilization process in the labor market and the situation labor showed by the graduates of different specialties at the time of the survey, their type of employment and the area of the economy in which they operate.

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