Los ensayos no destructivos en la formación de ingenieros – una propuesta de mejora para la formación de grado y posgrado

The paper introduces an improvement proposal based in the incorporation of new study methods, optional courses, laboratory experiments and research to be introduced in undergraduate and graduate careers, being its main thematic: waves, oscillations and its relationship with non destructive testing. Study cases, based on particular experiences from works developed by engineering students in an Engineering Faculty, are shown. Emphasis is done in works that aim to develop new products and the application of nonconventional techniques. According to our point of view, this subject includes characteristic that allow key improvements in the engineer´s development. We guide the engineer´s education towards a new thematic, outside the traditional themes. This allows educating professionals in an area with big regional demands, unmet, regarding themes related to non destructive testing. Also permits the in-depth introduction of basic themes (mathematics – chemistry – physics) in a non-encyclopedic way that leads to a critical thinking.

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