Las Fuentes de Energía Renovable como vínculo entre la Ingeniería y el Cambio Social

Since 2010 in the Engineering Faculty, UNCo, Research Groups are developing projects which include voluntary students for design, manufacturing, instalation and maintenance of Renewable Energy converters for inhabitants of isolated places in Patagonia, where easy access is not available. This is possible by means of The University Voluntary National Service 2010 and 2012, PICTO 2010 (with UNPA and LACLYFA of UNLP) and Research Projects in FIUNCo. In general, the conceptual design of Renewable Energy devices, is based on intermediate technology which depends on the availability in the local market. Manufacturing training to the users as well as instalation and maintenance of the equipment is included. The last is referred to as for some parts or the whole device depending on their inherent difficult. The aim of these projects, developed using topics already learned by the students, is focused on improving quality of life and social development of very poor people in Patagonia.

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