Las dificultades de la inserción y retención en el ciclo de especialidad de los alumnos de Ingeniería (ID 346)

Research on the reasons for desertion in the first college courses mentioned: insufficient basic knowledge, motivation, feelings of inadequacy, lack of information on contents of careers and absence of independent learning mechanisms. The university creates spaces in which to work learning strategies and support to help undergraduate students (4) (10). When the student advances, it is supposed that he’ll acquire levels of self-determination and knowledge about college reality and, so continue without major problems. But other problems arise when the student start to taking specialized courses: difficulty of articulation between basic and specialty courses, as well as complications in the resolution of issues specific to professional activities. In addition is observed pass a long time between completion and the approval of the courses, and so this delay graduation. It is intended that these considerations allow the formulation of guidelines and lines of action that will enable to improve retention and reduce the delay academic.

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