La vinculación universitaria como eje impulsor en la formación de ingenieros competentes

The university link plays a role in care of social and business approaches necessary in the competent engineers training. The ways of link between society, enterprise and university have been present over the years a considered and radical change caused by the global market also it was useful from the point of view of service which requires finding new ways of linking to generate and strengthen the success in organizations, provide knowledge and improve educational programs in universities and society prepared for the future. The generation of knowledge by linking university in synergy with the social and business sectors, takes an important role for the training of engineers and their success to finding jobs within organizations. Some strategies used by universities include mass recruitment by enterprises, campus publications, occupational exposures, conferences aimed at the development of students, social and community service, internships, school projects related practice, research projects, academic interchange, among others; and these stand out as a means of linking with organizations and society. The present study aims to show the analysis of different means of linking with social and business sectors as well as the results obtained within the same in the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon to ensure the training of engineers and inserting them into the labor market.

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