La integración y desarrollo tecnológico para la automatización y la sustentabilidad en las organizaciones

Nowadays, the information technology, communications and automation are essential in the productivity of businesses regardless of size, considering these needs and the dynamics of development and globalization in which these companies are involved, it requires the establishment a strategic zone, labs that allow the integration and automation development process, increasing productivity and Organizational Sustainability, through development standard methodologies , to enhance the knowledge, and so the university community will have more employment opportunities, and many companies in the region will generate many situations of improvement to their systems. With the implementation of such centers, to diversify and strengthen the research of educational institutions in engineering and technology, increasing staff capacity for technological development. It will provide the university community in general an integral knowledge for research and development of modern technologies, making creative and innovative ways to broaden its scope in the production sector. the Technology projects in automation of production processes will be development through the interaction of the university community with the productive sector and collaboration agreements with companies in the region.

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