La formación docente universitaria desde la mirada de los docentes de la Facultad de Ingeniería de la Universidad de la República. Primeras aproximaciones.

This paper presents the preliminary results of the research “Teacher trainning activities and teachers’ education from the perspective of the teachers of the Faculty of Engineering at Universidad de la República”, carried out within the framework of the Master’s Degree in Higher Education of Universidad de la República (UdelaR). The main objective is to explore which teacher training and teachers’ education mean for teachers of the Faculty of Engineering (FI), and in particular, the relevance they provide to the pedagogic and didactic dimensions involved. A survey of voluntary response was presented to the whole teacher population of FI, and it was completed by 48% of them. This paper presents the overall vision that teachers of FI have on teacher training and teachers’ education at university level, which activities they have carried out
in relation to their preparation as teachers, and the different perceptions they have with respect to such activities.

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