La enseñanza práctica del diseño de plantas de tratamiento de efluentes líquidos

Negative environmental situations are largely engineering problems and it is also the task of engineers to find technological solutions to control and reverse the highly harmful effects of pollution. As a means of contributing to the solution of this problem, in the careers of engineering of the FACET it is taught in the last module, a subject whose content involves the calculation and design of each of the elements of the factories for the treatment of liquid effluents of the agridfood industry. Students have developed great interest in applying these themes in their workplaces and in their graduation projects. Also thanks to the participation of the students it was materialized a federal project of productive innovation (PFIP), underway since March 2011 and a research project jointly with the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional. In conclusions subjects related to environmental issues, provide practical applications, which contribute to the formation of a technical professional

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