La enseñanza de proyectos en la formación de ingenieros. Experiencias y aportes.

For CONFEDI, project development is a matter for academic teams. These underpin the project model as an approach to inclusive education in the chair, Civil Engineering I and Architectural Design and Urban Planning 1 st and 4 th year Civil Engineering FRBB-UTN. The support is solving real engineering problems with workshop methodology. Students are considered professionals in training and profession a set of knowledge, skills and attitudes to develop. The Know-Know how – Being triad orders the valuation framework of the work and production process. The student uses prior knowledge and new demand. The Chair directs the design and promotes self-evaluation. In students without pre-rendering capability good results can be achieved in two semesters. The objective result, procedural consistency and commitment are evaluated. Experience confirms that this proposal is motivating, viable and necessary.

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