La enseñanza de la ingeniería: motivación, creatividad y aprendizaje significativo

The engineering education has been traditionally provided by trained professionals in the subjects they teach, but generally they are not very well trained to teach. So, much progress about cognitive theories and teaching strategies, have not been implemented at university, wasting in this way, techniques and strategies that would improve both: the quality of the becoming professional, as well as the effort and the time of the students. Now a days, this problem has begun to reverse, with courses, masters, or doctoral for teacher training. The need that the engineering education provides significant learning to the students, motivate them and stimulate their creativity is the main motivation of this paper. As a conclusion: it would be very interesting to harness the technological innovations that have transformed education (either improving interpersonal communication, allowing transfer of data, images, or using simulation techniques), as well as the advances in methodologies or cognitive strategies.

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