La asincronía entre formación de competencias profesionales y su pertinencia con desarrollo local, en el contexto de la Universidad Emprendedora: Modelo de Gestión del Conocimiento

The asynchronous between skills and demands made of the society in which are inserted graduates of engineering, requiring the need on the part of the University, to act accordingly, resulting in their students, a thought can identify opportunities, raise funds and make decisions, machine vision and leadership. This paper gives an account of the rationale, methodology, and conclusions comings partial application of a model that includes:

– The application of a set of exercises based on educational interventions transverse, vertical and horizontal applied from 1st year, and each completed year of engineering careers,
– The introduction from the first year of the race, the concept of learning in context,
– An original combination of non-traditional learning methodologies with classic learning methodologies
– The return by the relevant local actors in the field of business development.

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