La acreditación de carreras de ingeniería, un proceso de autoevaluación constructiva.

At the present time on the process of accreditation of voices are being raised for and against voices. Without a position in this regard, the Regional Faculty Resistencia of UTN has develope its accreditation process taking as the central axis of it, auto evaluation. If we define the auto evaluation as a process by which a race, a program, an institution collects and analyzes information on the basis of its stated objectives and a set of standards and indicators previously defined and approved, we must understand that it always is directed toward improving quality.
This work shows the experience of an institution that has approached the accreditation of races as a process of continuous improvement, in which the auto evaluation is the key to strengthening the management capacity of the race, and the institution, and where action planning and monitoring improvement is such as to make timely decisions. It has become a cyclical process, systematic and permanent. In this sense the self is the basis for implementing control mechanisms and quality assurance, plus it allows for adjustments to meet changes and challenges, through a plan and its management in a process of continuous improvement.

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