Kit de prácticas OSH para la programación básica del microcontrolador PIC18F2550 con SDCC y PIKLAB en GNU/Linux

The practical work described below, was intended to present a strategy to implement a tutorial, which along with a pre-assembled circuit, enhances the development of pre-existent skills in students of Computing Systems Engineering, at Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Teziutlán, thus allowing the creation of new knowledge, to produce hardware interfaces through embedded circuits by using the concept of Open Source Hardware. For the creation, development and implementation of the lab kit and tutorial, Free Software and Open Source tools were used, both for their design, capture, and programming. It is important to emphasize that the preparation of practice development board was entirely within the facilities of the Institute, and tested in the laboratory of electronics with a group of students belonging to the Computing Systems Engineering.

In order to evaluate the skills of students who used the guide and lab kit to generate hardware interfaces from the technical to theoretical situation, two groups were formed, one of experimentation which used the tutorial and lab kit, and the control group which only used
simulation software with proprietary license. Finally, to assess the scope of this guide, the design and implementation of a physical alarm was proposed to both groups. The result showed that the group which used only simulation, did not performed the necessary skills for embedded system development. On the other hand, the 75% of the experimental group achieved a satisfactory result. The conclusion of this study suggests that guided practical experiences allow students to build up skills that usually fail to be settled by only using digital simulation and despite its scope is not advantageous over other methods, it allows students to “live knowledge” that is acquired through experiences.

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