IUCEE is Looking for US engineering educators to share best practices


IFEES Member IUCEE (Indo US Collaboration for Engineering Education), in partnership with the India Branch of ASEE, has started piloting its version of VCPs (Virtual Communities of Practice). This is inspired by Dr. Stephanie Farrell of Rowan University at the recent ICTIEE 2015 (International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education).  Her paper and presentation can be seen at http://iucee.com/webinars/virtual-communities-of-practice/

The themes for these VCPs are the critical pillars of quality improvement in engineering education:

  1. Teaching and Learning Innovations
  2. Outcomes Based Education
  3. Industry Academy Partnerships
  4. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  5. Governance and Leadership
  6. Problem Based Learning
  7. Engineering Projects in Community Service

These communities of engineering faculty in India meet every two or three weeks, starting March 23. Many of them are from the large number of newly formed engineering colleges all over India.  They are hungry to learn from best practices on these topics in the US.

IUCEE is looking for engineering educators in the US, who can share best practices in these themes.  Please contact the IFEES Secretariat if you are interested in exploring further.

All you need to do is give a brief webinar at your own convenience. We will record it and make it available to the VCPs for discussion.

These webinars are very easy to from anywhere with an internet connection (we use GoTo Webinar).  IUCEE staff will give a brief practice session and schedule at your convenience. Webinars can be any length (15 to 50 mins).

More on these VCPS will be shared at the session of the India Branch of ASEE at the ASEE Annual Conference in June 2015 in Seattle.