Itinerarios de formación en el campo de la ingeniería y propuesta de evaluación de aprendizajes y capacidades.

This communication gives account of the experience of the Technological Faculty of the University of Santiago of Chile (USACH) in the formation of engineers, through 20 years. A count is done of how these were evolving in the time and like the formation of the present Food Engineers is considering, remembering the new exigencies that impose the changes happened in the society and the education. Emphasis in the continuous formation, the itineraries of formation and the joint with other races of the Technological Faculty and the University of Santiago of Chile becomes. Mention to the meaning of this formation and the contribution becomes of the same one that the same one has meant for the institution.

With regard to this experience, an itinerary of extended order sets out and a proposal of evaluation of learnings and capacities, more integral – and then it would be possible to be applied to all the races and programs – in agreement with the present educative model of the USACH.

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