ISTEC’s Impact on the Development of Science and Technology Education in Latin America

The aim of this paper is to present an historical compendium of ISTEC’s activities in the region, highlighting its core ideas and principles, and how these have been successfully applied for the benefit of many higher education institutions. These aim at dynamically improving the quality of quant coveraand access to of education in Latin America. They reflect ISTEC’s multidisciplinary approach, based on entrepreneurial activities, not only to educate engineers but to produce the next generation of leaders the region needs. Latin America must be placed in the world map of education, innovation, generation of wealth and intellectual property with a strong sense of social responsibility. Due to the nature of ISTEC’s members and strategic partners, the consortium can leverage and balance the influence of academia, industrial partners and government bodies to make the “Triple Helix” work for the benefit of our peoples in general, across geographical, cultural and social borders.

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