Introducing concepts of nanoscience and nanotechnology for engineering education Incorporando conceptos de nanociencia y nanotecnología en carreras de ingeniería

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology are emerging disciplines of science and technology that integrate a broad range of topics. They comprise the study and manipulation of matter in the nanometer range, as well as the techniques developed for the same purpose; with implications in the macroscopic world.
Nowadays, engineers are faced with new challenges, such as finding new technologies to diminish the negative environmental impact of current ones, and optimizing natural resources. In this context, nanotechnology appears as an alternative tool to provide solutions.
Typically, this discipline is not included within the standard education of engineers (excluding few exceptions). Given its multidisciplinary nature, it cannot be easily classified within the traditional disciplines (physics, chemistry or biology). This fact leads to propose a curricular content with an alternative approach, in order to complement the teaching schemes, which is in line with the complex current challenges. Consequently, this paper presents a cathedra proposal in this direction.

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