Integración de plataforma de e-learning y laboratorio remoto para la realización a distancia de prácticas experimentales reales en la educación tecnológica

The advances in knowledge, methods and techniques associated to the field of information and communication technologies (ICT) are allowing significant changes in the educational practice. The applications are a lot and they allow to increase the capacity in ranges of distance communication, to guide the student in his decisions through techniques of artificial intelligence, and to develop efficient and trustful mechanisms of asynchronous communication among others. In this context, the Learning Management Systems (LMS) widely spread among the educational institutions, are highlighted. However, these systems, as they are known today, become limited when they have to provide distance education in the field of scientific-technologic disciplines with an experimental base. On this matter, it is true that purely practical activities of such technical fields as Engineering, do not find in LMS an overall solution. This problem is solved by the remote laboratorios; but it is highly convenient for the student to have access and perform real experimental practices in remote laboratories from the same system LMS. According to these fundamentals, and as a result of a joint venture company- university, it is carrying out a project that aims the integration of Remote Laboratory of Electronic Physics, fully developed at the National University of Rosario, with the LMS developed by the company e-ducativa. In this paper the authors describe the progress achieved in the project.

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