“Ingreso, retención y graduación – Universidad Tecnológica Nacional – Republica Argentina”

The present analysis refers to evaluate the current indices of careers in engineering of the UTN, entry, retention and graduation, and projecting the way in which it is possible to achieve the goals of increasing the number of graduates by 50% by 2016 and 100% by 2021. A preliminary analysis allows us to see a fashion of 7 years of actual duration for studies in engineering of 5 and half year and an average of 9 years with a standard deviation of 2 years. The average graduation age is 28 years, while fashion is 26 years old. To achieve the goals, it is necessary to increase by 20% admission to engineering careers from 2013, improve rates of abandonment and dissolution. The second aspect to improve is the actual duration of the races which also improves the age upon graduation.

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