Ingreso a las Carreras de Ingeniería: Seminario Universitario

The difficulties that, for several years, are evident in the “jump” from the secondary school level to the university level are shown in different ways. Probably the high rates of dropouts, the attrition rates and the chronicity are the more explicit indicators of this complex situation. Being aware of this, our Faculty has taken as its own this problem and has been articulating policies and strategies aimed at improving the conditions for admission to the engineering careers, for over a decade (1997).
As part of its Faculty Academic Institutional Program, a leveling course called “University Seminar”, has been designed to bridge the level reached at secondary school and the university initial level expected.
This paper describes the context in which the University Seminar is part of, the methodology, the strategies, and the resources used to operate and continue, as well as the results obtained with its implementation during the period 2003-2011.

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