Indicadores de Gestión Académica en la Facultad de Ingeniería de la Universidad de La Serena

In recent years, academic management in Chilean universities has been linked to indicators of teaching quality. The Faculty of Engineering has not been unaware of this, because students entering annually, mostly from municipal and subsidized private schools, which have a socio economically vulnerable and come to college without the skills necessary income, a situation incident in the course of their careers resulting in: poor retention rate in the second year, prolonged residence time in relation to time of the curriculum, low graduation rates, qualifications and employability, etc. In order to reverse this situation, the university and the School has changed its organizational structure, designed and implemented tools for diagnosis and remediation, in order to remedy the deficiencies that students bring in the skills of university entrance. This was implemented a program of support to students in the early levels, from senior pupils in order to improve their skills and abilities of entry

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